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Timbe windows and doors can instantly transform a home. They reduce outside noise due to excellent insulation properties. Steel reinforced Timbe frames provide additional strength that allows large sizes and adequate sunlight.

They can be fitted with special monsoon proof features to prevent heavy rains from seeping indoors. Superior insulation also leads to reduction in energy bills as airconditioning becomes more effective. Many finish and design options are available that can uplift the looks of your home - both from inside and outside.

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Timbe Industries Private Limited., provides you a brand new experience in the world of windows & doors. Windows are more than just a connector between the outside world and the interiors of your house.

Advantages & of uPVC

Sound Proofing , Weather Resistance, Impact Resistance

Every window we make is tailor-made for your home to virtually any width and height you need.

UPVC windows are free from the attack of acids, alkalis, waste gases and salts.

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