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Best uPVC Windows in Chennai

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Transform Your Home with Timbe uPVC Windows with Grill

We bring you the best of uPVC windows and doors. Starting in Chennai, Timbe has expanded across Tamil Nadu, bringing creativity and quality to every project. We're not just suppliers; we're pioneers in the industry, committed to innovation and excellence.

Expansive Reach : We've grown to serve 12,480 customers and installed over 1.8 million sqft of uPVC windows across Tamil Nadu.

Pioneering Services : We are proud to be the first in India to offer Express Delivery, ensuring your stylish, high-quality windows and doors are installed within just 100 hours.

Unmatched Value : We ensure top-quality products at wallet-friendly prices, redefining luxury with affordability. We offer the best Cost of uPVC Windows Chennai.

Explore Our Best uPVC Windows in Chennai

Choose from a variety of styles to perfectly match your home’s architecture and your personal taste with coloured uPVC Windows with grill.

Product Categories

upvc casement window

uPVC Casement Windows

Offering reliable security, exceptional thermal insulation, and noise reduction, our casement windows are ideal for any part of your home. Their ability to open outward fully allows for maximum ventilation and ease of cleaning, making them a practical addition to your living spaces.

upvc sliding window

uPVC Sliding Windows

Maximise your view and natural light with minimal effort with our sleek, space-saving sliding windows. These windows provide smooth operation and durability, ensuring long-term performance and ease of use. Ideal for modern homes, they offer a minimalist aesthetic while maximising space efficiency.

upvc special windows

uPVC Special Windows

Custom solutions for unique window designs that cater to special architectural requirements. Whether you need curved, angled, or unusually shaped windows, our special uPVC windows with grills can be crafted to meet your specific needs, adding character and functionality to your home.

upvc fixed windows

uPVC Fixed Windows

Perfect for scenic spots in your home, these windows offer unobstructed views with robust safety features. Fixed windows are an excellent choice for locations where ventilation is not a concern but light and visibility are paramount. Discover the best uPVC Window Price in Chennai.

upvc combination windows

uPVC Combination Windows

Combine different styles and functionalities with our combination windows, tailored for versatility and aesthetic appeal. These windows integrate the benefits of various window types into a single unit, providing a customised solution that meets your design and functional requirements.

upvc bathroom windows

uPVC Bathroom Windows

Optimise your privacy without sacrificing style with our specially designed uPVC bathroom windows. These windows are constructed with frosted or patterned glass to ensure privacy while allowing ample natural light to enter.

upvc combination windows

uPVC French Windows

Designed to enhance spaciousness and light, these windows feature large glass panels that provide panoramic views and allow natural light to flood your spaces. Their double-opening mechanism ensures ease of access to outdoor areas, making them perfect for balconies or patios.

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